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A Work in Progress - Third Floor



The third floor as we found it.  This room needs some cleaning & some drywall, and it'll make a cute bedroom.


OK.  So now...  where to start.  Ah yes.  Destruction of the old paneling.



Notice the mess of wires, tapped into the old knob & tube.



Removing the old "Disco Ball" light, that looks like it was made with a hot glue gun, which lit up the stairway.







Only one dead creature found in the walls (It used to be a blackbird).



Now I gotta get rid of this brown junk.





I'm not looking at the bird, but there it is in the wall.





With the walls above the stairwell removed, the room looks much more open.




Another nice little mess of wiring.  I'm cleaning these up as much as I can, and replacing all the wiring on the third floor.  This little area will contain a desk.


Rather than go all the way to the ceiling, this short wall will overlook the stairs but still allow plenty of light from the nearby windows.



There will be a desk area in the open space behind this wall, to the left of the chimney.  It will be in the area where the bad wiring was in the floor above.



Here's how the insulation around the windows on both ends of the room looked at the start.

(You can't say they didn't try to get enough in there)




This area (below) will eventually be a TV & Cabinets Built in



Here's what it actually looks like with some drywall on the walls.  Still working on them, but it'll get there.

These pictures were taken about September 16, 2004.




It's now September 23, 2004.  Today I put most of the drywall up on the end wall (the south wall) by the stairs.

Now it's time to do the north end wall, and then worry about the area behind the built-ins.  Whew.

Well, here we are in February.  Fall was pretty slow (as usual) with everything going on.

The holidays took up some time, as did being gone for two weeks.  In the meantime, the

drywall got finished, and is now primed & ready for paint.



Looking much brighter.



Soon this will be a desk area.



Much more open & bright.



Tonight (February 13, 2005) I put on the first layer of paint (pina colada - not shown in the picture).

Another coat of paint, then the wiring & ceiling can be completed.



On goes the cedar ceiling, and another big change in the look of the room.



Dave & Kyle doing much of the work.




Ya' know what?  I like it.  It's going to look really good when completed.

Now, what about those built-ins?




OK... so these were taken in August, and I've finally gotten them uploaded.

(My scanner is now hooked up)

These pictures show a much more completed room, and at this point I had just re-finished the floor.

A good cleaning followed by patching up some holes, and I added three coats of finish to the floor to bring a nice shine to it.

Other than that, it's still got the old, well-worn feel.

You can also see that the walls are painted (although the pina-colada color doesn't show up well), the outlets & faceplates are in, the top-rail of the short wall (by the stairs) is done... overall steady progress.



OK... so it's the end of February, and I decided it was time to tackle the steps up to the third floor, as well as the walls around this stairwell.  The back wall under the windows had a fair amount of damage to the plaster, and didn't exactly match up with the wall above it.  The solution?  Adding a board to separate the stairwell section from the wall above, and painting it all to match.



And now for the built-in desk area...



This built-in desk is made out of solid oak, and makes for a nice, large workspace.




I have new furniture!




It seems like I looked forever to find just the right bed.  Picky, picky.  I looked at many websites, and stopped at every furniture store around, even some out of the way.  I finally settled on this set (bed, door-chest, and two nightstands) right from Dennos, no sales tax, on clearance, and they delivered free.  Love the set, and it looks great.




Ah... the stairs.  I finished these months ago... but never got around to taking a picture of them.  The color chosen for the woodwork here, including the stair treads and the trim, is Milk Chocolate.  This seems rather fitting to me since the color of the room itself is Pina Colada.  The wood here is mostly old, rough stuff that would not look good finished with a stain, so I was looking for a neutral color that would complement both the walls & the wood in the room.



Not surprisingly, there was no insulation in the gap between the windows at the north end, only some pieces of paneling (in picture below).



I've begun my attempt at trimming out the windows.  This part has had me worried for some time, as to whether I have the patience to do this, and to do it well.  The paper stuck around the window is my test as to whether my method of trimming the window will work.  It looks like it will, the truth will be in getting it up.  I've started working on the window sills themselves, as a place to start, then will work my way around the main window, and see how it works.  I've already added insulation to the gap.



I started with the north end window (above) for my attempt at actually putting up the trim.  Putting up the square pieces was pretty straight forward, but the arch still worried me.  So far, I am fairly pleased with the results, but still a lot of finish work to do in order to fully complete the project.  The blue tape is just to help protect the wall at this point as I sand the edges of the arch.




The south end window is slightly more challenging, not the least of which is working above the stairs.  The old framing around the arch window is in worse shape, making it more difficult.  My cuts didn't work out quite as nice on this window, but I still think the overall look will be very nice once it is completed, finished, and there are curtains here.



South Window - Done



North Window - Done.  Time for curtains.



In these two pictures I have put in the oak faced plywood for the built-ins including the area around the TV.





And now I have finished the oak plywood.  Time for some drawers, doors, and trim to finish the project.  If only it were this easy, as I know the cost of the material will be pretty high yet (drawers alone could be $800).  But it is gradually looking more and more complete (Progress as of November 25, 2006).




April 14, 2008